Mink Lash 10mm/12mm/14mm/16mm
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* Mink Eyelash Size:

Mink Lash - New to Lash Haven, the most glamorous lash yet..... Made from real mink fur, harvested kindly by gently brushing the animal. Gives your client a soft natural look and feel compared to the synthetic lash.


Comes in a tray in the following sizes (you get 3 lash lengths in every tray )

 * 8mm - 7 to 9mm long

* 10mm - 10 to 11mm long

* 12mm - 11 to 13mm long

* 14mm - 13 to 15mm long

* 16mm - 15 to 17mm long

Slight variations occur from lash to lash in milimeter length and thickness due to the nature of the fur this gives the lashes a natural look.