Complete Training Package
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Complete training package - all the products and information required to open a sucessful eyelash extension business The Package includes: 1) Lash Haven Professional Kit - All the tools of the trade and after care retail products needed to set up a professional eyelash extension business LASHES Lashes 1 gram J Curl 0.15 x 8mm B Curl 0.2 x 11mm B Curl 0.2 x 12mm B Curl 0.2 x 13mm C Curl 0.25 x 14mm J Curl 0.15 x 13mm Multicoloured Lash Tray

GLUE AND REMOVER Premium Pro Glue Fume free Gel Based Glue Remover Microsticks x 100

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Crystal Plate Tweezers Fine Separating Tweezers Flat Tipped Mini scissors Air Blower Tape Comb Brush Lash Magic Stand COQ10 Eye Patches 5 Pairs Lash Primer Training Eyelash Alcohol Swabs x 200 Professional Beauty Case

AFTER CARE PRODUCTS Protective coating (brush) Mascara

2) Lash Haven Manual - Complete guide to the art of eyelash extension application

3 Mannequin Head - Used to apply strip lashes to for training or practising eyelash extension application